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Camp Timberlane is a long-term overnight summer camp for boys owned and operated by Mike Cohen. Created by Harold Hiken in 1961, Camp Timberlane has been operating for nearly 50 years, and hoods nearly 270 campers over two four-week sessions.


Before Camp TimberlaneEdit

Several of the buildings were built before Camp Timberlane, which shows evidence that Timberlane may have once been a fishing village or similar facility. The Chalet, the Duplex, and the (place where all the life vests are) were all builtbefore 1961.

Camp Timberlane HistoryEdit

For the main article, see History of Camp Timberlane

Camp Timberlane was started in 1961 by former director Harold Hiken, after buying the land from Edlee's Timberlane Resort. He soon built almost every cabin, cleared the athletic field, and paved the way for future campers. At a camp fair, Hiken met current director Mike Cohen, which he soon realized was the right person for Camp Timberlane. Mike has worked at camp for over 20 years, an accomplishment only a half-dozen people have ever achieved.


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