Hiken eraEdit

Camp Timberlane was started in 1961 by former director Harold Hiken, after buying the land from Edlee's Timberlane Resort. Roughly 30 campers arrived the first year. After 1961, more cabins (living quarters for campers and counselors) were built, plus more areas were cleared, introducing more activities for more campers to enjoy. Conintuing to expand, Hiken added a short-range radio station, KTIM, as well as a new game, Trampball. Trampball featured a combination of volleyball, four-square, and trampolining. Today, there are fifteen cabins split into three "villages",or sections grouped roughly by age.

Cohen eraEdit

In 1978, Hiken sold Timberlane to a longime Timberlane camper and counselor, but soon reacquired the camp in 1981. At a camp fair, Hiken met current director Mike Cohen, which he soon realized was the right person for Camp Timberlane. Mike has worked at camp for over 20 years, an accomplishment only a half-dozen people have ever achieved.


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