This page is the stable version of the KTIMOnline Distribution License. This copy is uneditable and should not be edited due to its legal nature. IF youw ant to change the proposed license, click the WikiLink. This corresponds to the KDL 0.1 License.


The KTIMOnline Distribution License, henceforth the KDL, is designed to give publishers, distributors, and consumers more freedom to use copy-written works.

By using, changing, or distributing this work, you hereby accept the terms of this License Agreement. The rights given to the users of this work are assuming that you accept the license.


When publishing works, the initial publisher of this work, henceforth the Publisher, needs certain protections form copyright issues. The following protections are as follows:

a. Any persons wishing to submit work to the Publisher for the purpose of publication (in any form) must agree to give the Publisher a license to use, copy and redistribute the work under the KDL.

b. Any person republishing work, henceforth a Republisher, must publish the republished work and all parent media (greater bodies of a single piece of work containing KDL-licensed work) under the KDL.

c. No Publisher or Republisher, when licensing work under the KDL or publishing KDL-licensed work, is allowed to make any modifications or additional restrictions on how the work is used other than what is already written in the current or later versions of the KDL (e.g., Digital RIghts Management).


Any person is free to use and republish work licensed under the KDL. Persons using, publishing, or republishing work under the KDL must follow these conditions:

a. Any republishing KDL-licensed work must give both the author of the work and (if different) the original publisher of the work proper attribution in the form of name and KDL recognition. Example: "This work was created by Chris Picone and is licensed under the KTIMOnline Distribution License."

b. Any person using KDL-licensed work in a work of their own must license their parent work under the KDL.

c. Any Republisher of KDL work must license the republished work under the KDL.

d. Any works licensed under the KDL must state somewhere that they are licensed under the KDL. A copy of the KDL must be included with the work. A link to a web page containing the full, unadulterated text of the current version of the KDL or later can be substituted.

e. When licensing work under the KDL, Republishers and users using the work can follow the terms of the KDL which the work was originally licensed under or any later version approved by the original author and publisher.

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