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The KTIM Activity proposal is a proposal by camper Chris Picone to improve the camp experience by providing a joint KTIM/Podcast activity in camp.

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KTIM at camp has been slowly dying. While it used to be a thriving place for music, debate, and other camp-related awesome, now it only boils down to badly mixed music with boring talking interludes. In addition, the KTIM Online podcast does not have many contributors, mainly because no one knows quite how to contribute to KTIM.

The solution is to start a KTIM class. Spend the first day teaching the campers about the equipment; shouldn't take very long. Show them the on switch to the surge protector and the transmitter's On switch. Then do a mock (but Live) show. Have the teacher advise people on how they are doing when each person takes a turn. Try to show what is funny and what is not; what song should go after this one, etc. Near the end of class, get a sign-up sheet for the week going. Have the talented sign up first to give the less talented more time to train.

Near the end of the week, or possibly for clinic periods, have a brief tutuorial on Podcasting. Allow the students to use the computers for one day to record a podcast with the free audio editor Audacity. Once recorded and perfected, have the podcast gmailed to the address, and Chris will post it ASAP.


The proposal was formally introuduced in Chrispy 5. Please disuss the proposal at the Chrispy 5 Discussion Page (above).

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