As an off-season project, camper Chris Picone started a podcast called KTIM Online. This podcast first featured obscure topics, such as a reading of the under-used Camp Timberlane message boards. Soon it became a general place for camper news and opinions.

KTIM Online StaffEdit

To get a Minor rank on the KOS, you must record and submit 3 podcasts, then give yourself a title.

Chris PiconeEdit

Chris Picone is the founder, president, and public relations manager of KTIM Online. He also handles podcast publishing, technical support, etc. His newer podcasts are called Chrispy, and are released about once every few days. He is also a TimberWiki sysop; his user page being User:Ccool2ax.

Jacob SchulzEdit

Jacob Schulz is the vice president and spokesperson of KTIM Online. He handles the mailing list, MySpace group, etc. Jacob's podcasts are called "The 411", and are immensly popular. Jacob is a TimberWiki sysop (admin); his user page is User:JSchulz06.

Brett BassockEdit

Brett Bassock is the Treasurer, and the host of The Timber Birthday list and Timber Gameshow. He also does interviews with many current camp folks.

Brian Strain and Bill HendersonEdit

Both of these camp counselors are directors of camper relations on KTIM Online. B.Strain has a TimberWiki account: Strainer, and ran a usually un-named podcast, roughly titled "B.Strain!"


  • Matt Sloan
    • Director, Department of Editorials

Most of the staff positions are "mock positions"; KTIM Online has no formal departments, although everyone does his own job.

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