KTIM Online Live

If you would like to be apart of kTIM Online Live then please let us know. KTIM Online Live will be recorded and posted on KTIM Online but it's better to be apart of it live! Here is how the show goes (this outline was created by Bill Henderson)

Host will open us; (It would be fun to have a rotating list of Hosts, like SNL)

Give a brief lineup.

  • (What to expect……, Game? (Run by) (name of)
  • Trivia? (Trivia host?) Topic?
  • Story? (By who) (Title)
  • Debate, (Topic))

Intro of the people present,

Depending on how many people give a time limit, and a list of things to say. (Highlighted are must have)

For Example….

  • Name
  • City
  • Last cabin in camp
  • Years at camp

Fun questions too; Rotated daily (one per roundtable) Like ….

  • If I were a animal what would I be.
  • If I was a kitchen utensil I would be.
  • Favorite topping on a bagel.
  • Favorite …..
  • Best place at camp…

News! A watered down 411. Camp news, if there is no news; make up some unbelievable fun based news. (spend some time on it before going live)

Story! , Camper or Counselor tells an story (CLEAN); They have time to prepare a good one; like they know maybe a week before the “Table”. If you can’t find someone, fallback on Brian, If Brian doesn’t want to I will.

Game or Trivia: Have something fun prepared; Have someone appointed to this. Allow them full control (CLEAN, or course) Allow them to host the game or trivia.

Trivia Ideas!

  • Camp Timberlane.
  • Sports.
  • Daily world news.
  • Music.

The topics can be limitless. With a good host and some fun topics this could be awesome. You can keep scores, or not.... As long as it is fun based.

Camp Business (Camp topics, Stuff that can be presented to Mike from you guys, must be reasonable, Kind of like camp counsel)

New EP ideas from campers (approved by a moderator, before hand)

Politics; DEBATES, these can be fun! As long as they are clean.

Appoint a Head of both sides. It would be great to have knowledge beforehand but not necessary. With this you can kind of do it on the fly. (but don’t stack a side. Like, A Jr. camper versus a popular Senior camper. Allow them both to make a un-disrupted opening statement (timed, don’t allow them to go over time))
Crowd response, (we would have to come up with a good way for this)

Closing statements from the heads!

Host can’t take sides! It is important to maintain an unbiased host. So both parties can share without fear of judgment from the host.

“Table Talk” one thing that is not necessary would be a note taker, (or someone with a great memory. They could retouch all the topics. Start to wrap up our closing, handing back over to the Host. Host could then Close us.

There is room for a lot of improvement; but with that being said, with 30 guests structure is good.[Note: Skype limited to 5 participators] As hosts (we) they would need to look organized. Structure is real good!

A good idea would be a pre-meeting of Host’s or leader meeting (10-15 min) before the actual roundtable. To touch base on what the lineup will look like, and how the flow will go! As time goes on they will know this but it is good to prepare anyway.

Also the more people you can give task’s to (ie; Games, Trivia, News, Debates and stories) before the roundtable, the more will show up. (ie, Say Jacob is our Host, Chris your doing news, Strain is heading up the story, and I have a game/triva. That already gets four people there. More jobs or tasks more people, you can also have more than one story. We should stick to one game or trivia.)

With roundtables we should stick to the script. Outline everything before hand. We should know how long it will be. Time controls some peoples lives; If they know it will be one hour, they might join us, two hours maybe not cause they have too much homework. (ie; We should have a starting time and ending time. We’ll have to play it by ear the first few times, but after that; limit it so everyone will know.)

We should try to have a “round table” Daily (weekly or bi-weekly)! If we develop a schedule it would be hard to ignore. (ie; Campers and counselors would know every Thursday night at eight o’clock something is going down Or every other Thursday @ 9 ….. I think you get the point) We should do it on a school night therefore people are home. Also not too late so young’ens can join us.

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