Welcome to TimberWiki, the camp web page that anyone can edit. but you may want to register. Why?

KTIM Online Posting Rules and KTIM Online Review!

TimberWiki is not fully set up. See the community portal on ways to help.

Our Press Releases page, which includes both TimberWiki and KTIM information

The Timbergame Show is to debut very soon hosted by Brett bassock. Thats where you will find Timber Trivia Questions.

KTIM Online Ringtones

Here... Help me work on the KTIMOnline Distribution License

And Are Timber Trivia Question Winners are...

Coming up KTIM Online Animal Awareness Week

This week's 411 18 Poll is up!

Here is a bio on Mr. Lowe

See the official policy page to see some rules Chris put up. Feel free to change them, like every other page.

Today's Featured Article

Camper Hierarchy

Old featured articles:

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